DNAR MULTINATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED is an E- commerce platform that works with inherent passion for conducting value in three most important fields in human needs i.e. TEAM, (Travel, Educate And Merchandise) in day to day life. DNAR is the name of that dream that has the power of becoming a reality to change your life forever. You may find it hard to believe that all this was ever possible and achievable all along.

With internet at the core of every business function is the extent of the reach and influence in the life of each of us. It is today the very core of life as the means to justify any end result in this world today. From paying utility bills to shopping, to making travel arrangements to sending gifts, internet has influenced our lives in multiple ways than we ever actually envisaged.

Let us remember that all of us, as individuals, are the via media of this unlimited power and energy. The question is how well can we tap into this energy and maximize our potential using the resources we’re endowed with.

We, at DNAR, are planning all that is needed for successful and growing outcome. From education to travel, to merchandizing, TEAM, (Travel, Educate And Merchandise) – this feature welcomes you to the world of endless possibilities.

Our Unique Program Will Give You An Opportunity To:
  • Get Access to over 2500 online education courses.
  • 3N/4D Family Holiday Accommodation.
  • Fashionable DNAR Suit Length.
  • Health - Diet Chart.
  • DNAR Bazaar.