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Orders may be placed online on website, by phone and picked up from the company office. Details are given below:


Pickup orders can be placed at office. Pickup hours from Office are:

  • Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.
  • Sunday (Closed)


    Home Delivery orders can be placed on website, by phone or at office only.

    Payment mode options for these orders can be:
  • Orders placed at Office: Cheque / Demand Draft.
  • Orders placed by phone: Cheque / Demand Draft.

  • The shipments are in perfect condition when the carrier takes possession of the same. By signing “received” on the delivery note, the recipient(s) acknowledges that the order was received in satisfactory condition. Do not sign in the event of damages or product shortages. Hidden damages discovered after the carrier has left and all other discrepancies must be notified within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of shipment. Failure to notify the company about any shipping discrepancy or damage within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the shipment will cancel a DID(s) right to request a correction and shall be considered deemed acceptance of the products.

    Shipments for orders placed are made within 3 working days of confirmation of payment. Delivery time will vary according to the location of customers / DID(s). The average time for delivery is between 2 – 7 days. Delivery of products may not happen on Sundays or on major holidays as per the policy of the delivery partner.

    Delivery of the Product

    There are various delivery models for delivery of purchased Product to the VAID, as decided by DNAR Multinational Private Limited. The risk of any damage, loss or deterioration of the Products during the course or delivery or during transit shall be on Company and not on the DID. DNAR represents and warrants that the Products being delivered are not faulty and are exactly those Products which are listed and advertised on the Website and purchased by the DID and meet all descriptions and specifications as provided on the Website.

  • DID's shipping address, pin code will be verified with the database of Website before a DID proceed to pay for DID's purchase. In the event DID's order is not serviceable by logistic service providers or by Seller or the delivery address is not located in an area that is covered under the order confirmation form, DID may provide an alternate shipping address on which the Product can be delivered by the logistics service provider.

  • Please note that there is no guaranteed dispatch time and any information about the dispatch time is estimate only and should not be relied upon as such. Therefore, time is not the essence of the bi-partite contract between the DID and DNAR for purchase and sale of Product on or through the Website. However, the Product shall not be delivered to the DID unless the DID makes the payment of the purchase of Product.

  • DID shall be bound to take delivery of the Products purchased by him / her that are said to be in a deliverable state. Where DID neglects or refuses to accept the delivery of the Products ordered by him / her, the DID may be liable to DNAR for such non-acceptance.

  • The title in the Products and other rights and interest in the Products shall directly pass on to the DID from DNAR upon delivery of such Product and upon full payment of price of the Product. Upon delivery, the DID is deemed to have accepted the Products. The risk of loss shall pass on to the DID upon delivery of Product.
  • Return Policy for Products
  • Before accepting delivery of any Product, the DID shall reasonably ensure that the Product's packaging is not damaged or tampered.
  • The return process of a Product may be subject to additional terms depending on the nature and category of the Product. Any such additional terms may be specified on the Website or be intimated by DNAR at the time of purchase of the Product.
  • In the event the return of a Product is duly accepted by DNAR, the value of such Product, as originally paid by DID during acceptance of Product, will be refunded to DID through cheque for such refund. DNAR shall have the sole discretion to determine the mode of reversal from the above options.

  • Cancellation of transaction / orders
  • Cancellation by DNAR: There may be certain orders that DNAR is unable to accept and has the right to cancel such order. DNAR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason whatsoever. Some situations that may result in DID's order being cancelled include, without limitation, non-availability of the Product or quantities ordered by DID. DNAR may also require additional verifications or information before processing any order. If DID's order is cancelled, after the payment has been processed, the said amount will be reversed / remitted to the DID through cheque. In the event a promotional code given by DNAR is used for the purchase of the Product, the amount under such promotional code shall not be refunded in case of cancellation of order. The above is the sole remedy of the DID and the sole liability and sole responsibility of DNAR for any cancellation of the purchase order or otherwise other than by the DID.

  • Cancellation by the DID: In case of requests for order cancellations, DNAR reserves the right to accept or reject requests for order cancellations for any reason whatsoever. As part of usual business practice, if DNAR receives a cancellation notice and the order has not been processed, DNAR may cancel the order and refund the entire amount to DID within a reasonable period of time. DNAR will not be able to cancel orders that have already been processed. DID agrees not to dispute the decision made by DNAR and accept DNAR's decision regarding the cancellation.
  • Set-off of any benefits availed by the DID: In case the DID has availed any benefit under any marketing or promotions provided by DNAR in relation to the Product for which the order has been cancelled by the DID or by DNAR, DID agrees and authorizes DNAR to recover such benefits from the DID or set-off the same from any refunds to the DID.

  • Governing Law
  • Any dispute(s) between DID or its nominee(s) and company, arising from this Policy, shall be referred to the sole arbitrator (appointed by the company) and same shall be adjudicated by such Arbitrator as per provisions of Arbitration Conciliation Act, 1996. However, all proceedings shall come within the jurisdiction of Delhi District Courts (India) only and such arbitration proceedings shall be held in Delhi (India) only. The final decision of the Arbitrator would be binding upon both the parties. Any breach of this covenant by the DID will make him liable for damages and legal costs to the Company.